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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Like most people, I have NO desire- to meet a ugly, white trash, bigoted uber washed-up loser, like Dustin Diamond. Beyond the two times, I was FORCED to interact with...this piece of shit, that sprang from Seth Rogen's ass (when he was a kid.)

The first time, when I finished coming home from work and I had to cut across the back alley of the Santa Monica Promenade. A frequent option for many to reach the buses, on Wilshire Bl. about three blocks away. I suddenly hear a highly, dorky, voice scream "Faggot!" several times. I look up I DON'T recognize- the homely, pale face with a Jewish Afro (?). He goes on-OBSESSED about my sexuality, as I try to ignore this liar and walk through. He talks about me, like we were lovers and I NEVER met him.

Then, eight years later (August 22, 2015 after 9pm) I'm waiting outside an office building,  quietly waiting to leave the Century City Plaza, back to L.A. As I'm writing down some notes- at a news stand, I hear nasty, loud, obnoxious, laughter from Diamond and his chubby, frumpy, little person bitch. I assume that is Amanda Schutz- the skank that was apart, of his jailed, four month stabbing incident. 

Both are dressed like, they finished working a Pop Warner football game. For a while, I continue not to recognize the 90s super nerd.

At first, I tried to ignore them. Then, they got even louder- forcing me to look over. That's when Diamond starts pointing at me. THIS goes for over a minute. Finally I say: "You laugh like a nerd." The laughter stops in shock, for about 30 seconds. Then, the laughter starts again, then the fake Diamond stated "Considering your Race, I take that as a compliment." Next, his girl-fiend started to talk to him, as if the last few minutes hadn't happened.

About five minutes later, I had to walk near them- to get the wi-fi to work. Then, the Dustin's sow of a girlfriend, then turns back toward me and said "Faggot" and he laughs in agreement. I said, "Your evil and white...You're dressed as failed referees." Again, they stopped talking.

A few minutes later, they keep talking...very lowly. After another few minutes, The whore clown (her actual last job) repeated her "Faggot" remark.

At that point, I cocked my weapon that I had very LOUDLY. I stand there another 10 minutes, they are silent. Then I walk away, after decided they are NOT worth going to jail over. I COULD (more like should) have shot them (in the back of their heads) for their lies and bullying attitude toward me. The reason I didn't attack them, was because I realized they may have trying to goad and stab me, like the recent incident the got Diamond hard... time.

Finally, the Culver City Crosstown bus arrived and The bigoted losers got on and left.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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